Complete control to ease your workload

The total control of the logistics sequence is vital for reliable delivery. Consequently, in order to secure a professional flow of information between everyone involved, from the customer to the carrier, INTERCARGO has developed its own check and report management. Prior to a transport, company planners ascertain if a delivery can be completed as required. This careful and proactive approach on the part of our team also proves particularly valuable when unforeseen difficulties such as force majeure, an accident, a road closure or large-scale traffic jam occur in the course of a transport. In these and similar situations speedy and transparent information, quick communication and coordination with the parties concerned, as well as rapid problem solving constitute the order of the day. This simultaneously ensures that whatever the circumstances, the customer is constantly up to speed and thus able to act.

Special services

Should customers so request, we provide supplementary services that effectively reduce their workload. These include purchasing and warehousing functions, direct handling with carriers, or retail branches, storage, interim storage, assembly and order picking, palletising, the organisation of returns and empties, and disposal, etc.