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Logistics for trade and industry


Tarpaulin, thermo and tank transports all over Europe
Depending on the destination, deadline and goods to be transported, INTERCARGO selects the most suitable means of transport for the job ? or the ideal combination of transport channels.
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Global sea and air forwarding
We offer optimised management for international container shipping and European inland shipping.
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Express service
When things have to move fast: Express forwarding all over Europe
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Creation of logistics concepts
Logistical solutions tailored to your needs. From the factory to the end customer.
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Motorbike transport
We are your competent partner who will send your motorbike on its way without complications. How does it work? Request, drop off, get on the plane, get on the motorbike at your holiday destination and VAMOS!
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Warehouse logistics
Storage, interim storage, assembly and order picking, palletising, organisation of returns and empties, disposal and more.
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Jumbo Transports
Unsere Niederlassung in A-95 Villach ist auf Volumentransporte im paneuropäischen Verkehr spezialisiert.
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Trailer hire
Hire various lorry trailers stress-free and cost-effectively. Whether short or long-term, we have the right solution for you!
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Adherence to deadlines and flexibility

Ready to Run

Day after day, INTERCARGO pulls out all the stops to get a wide variety of transport goods to their destination safely, economically and on time for well-known clients. This includes consumer goods for retailers as well as raw materials and semi-finished products for industry and commerce. Express deliveries as well as refrigerated logistics and thermo transports for sensitive goods complete the portfolio. "Ready to Run" is the daily motto for the reliable delivery of food, beverages, hygiene articles and pharmaceutical products as well as wood, paper and pulp, building materials, spare parts for cars and much more. The high degree of flexibility - from full loads to part-load transports - is a clear benefit for the customer.

Efficiency through excellent quality

Als erste Spedition in Österreich erhielt INTERCARGO die Zertifizierung gemäß ISO 9000. 2018 wurde das Unternehmen mit dem Quality Austria Award für 25 Jahre durchgängige ISO 9001 Zertifizierung ausgezeichnet. Langjährige Partner aus Handel und Industrie ? Konzerne ebenso wie kleinere und mittelständische Unternehmen ? setzen auf die erprobte Kompetenz eines eingespielten Teams.

Performance partnership with customers and suppliers

Regular customer satisfaction surveys certify our company's excellent performance standards. Furthermore, the INTERCARGO team is only satisfied when the customer is delighted. This is the basis for a sustainable partnership at eye level that includes all parties involved: Customer, supplier and employee.  

Full control for your relief

Check and report management

Complete control over the logistical process flow is indispensable for the reliability of a delivery. INTERCARGO has developed its own check and report management system for the professional flow of information between all parties involved - from the client to the supplier. In this process, INTERCARGO's scheduling department checks in advance of a transport whether a delivery can take place as planned. The prudent and proactive handling of our team also proves particularly valuable when unforeseen problems arise during a transport, for example in the event of a natural event, an accident, a roadblock or a major traffic jam. Immediate and transparent information, quick communication and coordination with the actors involved and rapid problem solving are the order of the day in such situations. This simultaneously ensures that the customer is informed in good time in every situation and always remains capable of acting.

Special Services

At the customer's request, we provide accompanying services that effectively relieve the client. These include procurement and warehousing functions, direct handling with suppliers or with trade branches, storage, interim storage, assembly and order picking, palletising, returns and empties organisation, disposal and more.

Excellent connections

Across Europe and worldwide 

Depending on the destination, deadline and goods to be transported, INTERCARGO selects the most suitable means of transport for the order - or the ideal combination of transport channels. With round-trip trucks, the company covers all pan-European transports, both for tarpaulin, thermo and tank transports. Seamless transport monitoring with modern communication technology is an essential contribution to quality assurance.

Deutlich erhöhte Ressourcen und ein Maximum an Flexibilität ergeben sich aus der Mitgliedschaft von INTERCARGO beim Logistik-Netzwerks ELVIS AG (Europäischer Ladungs-Verbund Internationaler Spediteure). Durch diese europäische Ganzladungskooperation von mehr als 180 mittelständischen Frachtführern und Ladungsspediteuren kann INTERCARGO für seine Kunden in 20 Ländern Europas auf das Potenzial von mehr als 17.000 LKW zugreifen. Der Verbund gewährleistet ein breites Spektrum von Dienstleistungen: vom Part Load Network und einem Full Load Network über ein Volume Load Network und ein Baustoffnetzwerk bis hin zu einem Palettenportal. Der zentrale Knotenpunkt des ELVIS-Teilladungsnetzes in Alzenau nahe der A7 bietet den Kooperationspartnern eine Hallenfläche von mehr als 20.000 Quadratmetern. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Against the backdrop of rising international road pricing, rail is becoming increasingly important. By cooperating with highly qualified network partners - especially also with private providers - we create not only sustainability but also a noticeable optimisation of costs and time frames.

Worldwide sea and air transport rounds off INTERCARGO's service profile.

We offer optimised management for international container shipping and European inland shipping. Whether full container loads, consolidated containers or customised solutions - your account manager will take care of everything necessary, from letters of credit to shipping lists.

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