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The benefits of award-winning quality

INTERCARGO was founded in 1992 by Helfrid Mooshammer and serves well-known customers from trade and industry in Austria, Germany and Europe. Transport goods include consumer goods such as food and beverages as well as raw materials and semi-finished products for further processing in industry and trade. Express deliveries, refrigerated logistics and thermo transports complete the range of services. Additional services such as storage or assembly are purchased as needed from partners with many years of experience.

The owner-managed company based in Salzburg was the first freight forwarder in Austria to receive ISO 9000 certification and was awarded the Quality Austria Award for 25 years of continuous ISO 9001 certification in 2018.

The core competence lies in the high quality of service before, during and after the execution of a transport order ? and in the personal support provided by an experienced person in charge, according to the proven principle: One Face to the Customer. In this way, we offer the customer what is most important to him: adherence to schedules, reliability, relief, transparency, an overview and the ability to act at any moment.

Quality is our principle.

Highly qualified and motivated employees use their experience and the latest communication technology to satisfy demanding customers.

The principles of the quality policy were bindingly defined for five objectives on the basis of a dialogue with customers and employees over several years:

  • Customer satisfaction as the basis for success
  • Qualified and motivated employees as top performers
  • Reliable suppliers as performance partners
  • Ongoing optimisation of corporate processes
  • Long-term profitability as the basis for safeguarding the company

Values compass

Values compass for sustainable success!

People are at the centre of our corporate culture. We see professional fulfilment as a valuable part of personal self-realisation. This includes mutual appreciation as well as performance in a team, achieving a goal, creativity and continuous development.

The management and the entire team at INTERCARGO rely on networks instead of hierarchy ? on Independent thinking and acting, Personal initiative and responsibility rather than on the execution of orders.

For us, business relationships with customers and suppliers as well as the relationships within the INTERCARGO team are sustainable performance partnerships at eye level.

Our shared responsibility We are also a sponsor in the areas of culture and education. Likewise apprenticeship training and university cooperation are important to us.

TEAM Intercargo



Christian Hochegger_2

Christian Hochegger

Managing Partner

Tino Kastenhofer

Tino Kastenhofer

Managing Partner

Unsere engagierten Mitarbeiter und Lehrlinge:


  • 1 June 1992

    The company commences operations

  • 2018

    Christian Hochegger is appointed to the Executive Board. He then joins the management as the second managing partner.

  • 2018

    INTERCARGO becomes a member of the logistics network ELVIS AG (European Load Association of International Freight Forwarders).

  • 2020

    Occupation of the new terminal

  • April 2021

    Mr Kastenhofer is appointed to the Executive Board.

  • September 2021

    The vehicle fleet increases to 154 pulling units.

  • 2022

    30th anniversary of the company

  • July 2022

    cool & fresh our frigo department! A team with a lot of experience and competence organises your temperature-controlled transport.

  • November 2022

    Mr. Tino Kastenhofer is appointed as second Managing Director alongside Mr. Christian Hochegger.

  • December 2022

    INTERCARGO sets the course for the digitalisation process in the company. As a further step for the future, a new Transport Management System (TMS) is being introduced. Translogica covers all of INTERCARGO's high requirements and will be introduced in January 2023.

  • March 2023

    Tino Kastenhofer joined INTERCARGO as the second managing partner.

  • April 2023

    Since April 2023, it's been 'Hola! Que tal? Our fleet now sails daily to and from Spain!

  • März 2024

  • April 2024

    Eröffnung unserer Niederlassung in Villach


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